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LA FESTA VENEZIANA SULL’ACQUA : Carnival of Venice Water Parade

The word Carnival comes from the Late Latin expression carne levare, which means "farewell to meat", signifying the approaching fast for Lent - a solemn religious observance in the Christian calendar, 40 days before Easter Sunday. The Carnival of Venice is world renown, and it has the same religious significance, but it is special for its mask and romanticism of a maritime city build on a lagoon. The water parade is therefore unique to Venice, and it is presented here (Masquerade and Marco Polo Venice will follow suit).


On the morning 28 January 2018, calm and beautiful Venice.


Festival boats rowing to the starting point of water parade, on the far end of the grand canal near Basillica Santa Maria.


Start of the Water parade with boats on the Grand Canal.


CANNAREGIO canal is the ending point for the parade with massive spectators.


Local audiences at Cannaregio, watching the water parade at the comfort of their home.


Tango on water


SUPER MARIO for the water parade


A mesmerising scene of Venice of the Canneregio Canal leading into the lagoon.


End of water parade.


In costumes. Carnival is fun time, and there are a good amount of casual spectators in costume.

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