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where the mongol empire first began


Mongolia is the cradle of nomadic civilization: Turkic, Uyghur and Yenisei Kyrgyz khaganate predates the Mongols. Temujin emerged in the chaos of late 12th century to unify the Mongol tribes to be conferred as Chinggis Khan, the universal ruler. The rise of fall of the Mongols Empire was dramatic, and the Mongols are back in their land of the blue sky, where semi-nomadic lifestyle is prevalent and their legacy as a people on horseback continues. This chapter presents visual stories from Mongolia in the following order:


Eastern - Chinggis Khan Homeland

Northern - Siberian Taiga with pristine nature

Central - Where nomadic empires once ruled

Southern - The Gobi dessert

Western - Home to Mongolia’s Kazakh minorities.

Captured with OLYMPUS digital systems camera, E-systems from 2004, mirrorless PEN from 2009 and the OM-D from 2013

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