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Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake (Chinese), Kök Nuur (Mongolian), Ngonpo Tso (Tibetan) translates as "(Chinese Porcelain) Blue Sea", "Blue Lake" and "Teal Sea" respectively. Its the biggest lake in China, formed in a depression of the Tibetan plateau. Its north eastern end are sand dunes, and in summer, its shores are adorned with Canola, giving the famous Yellow Teal coloration to the lake. Amdo Tibetans lives in this areaaround the lake, and the Haixi Mongols roam the lands towards Chaka Lake via the Elephant Skin Mountian (橡皮山)。Despite crazy tourism in the summer, the lake does have a couple of beautiful spots. The lake is also holy to the Tibetans, where pilgrims circumambulate -18 days for the circuit.


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