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HANUKKAH : A Jewish Festival of Light

Hanukkah is a Jewish Festival of Light commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire of Syria. Candles are lighted consecutively for 8-days on the menorah with 9 candle holder. Throughout the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, you can see Jewish families lighting menorah outside their residences. I was lucky to be invited to a reform Jew family to witness the celebration at home, with lots of joyous singing.

This is also the festive season for eating for eating oil-based food, like donuts in present time. The historical being that, upon the liberation and predication of the second temple, Judah ordered the temple to be cleansed, and there was only enough oil to light for 1 day, but miracle happened that it persisted for 8 days, the time needed to prepare for a fresh supply of koshker oil for the menorah.


Hanukkah celebration at a reform Jews family in Jerusalem.

A Jewish couple who has ties with the USA, speaks Yiddish, which is closer to German than Hebrew.

Israel has strict military obligations for Israeli Jewsih citizens. Pictured is soldier who made it home in his unifrom for the family's Hanukkah celebration.

Shahar Zohar is a young Jew from Jerusalem, and he was a trainer for the Jewish Birth Rights program, whereby the Israeli government sponsor Jews from all over the world to experience Israel.

A very warm invite for me to also light a candle, while the reform Rabbi from the family sings on my behalf.

Family celebration scene, with the reform Jew Rabbi of the family singing songs for Hanukkah celebrations.


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