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CHOKH: a sleepy village in Dagestan

CHOKH is north of Derbent and Kubachi, and a relatively short ride from Gunib. Chokh is also the gateway to the abandoned village of Gamsut'l, which was our destination. Arriving late to the village, there were no official places to stay - a common scenario travelling in Dagestan. We were given a name of the village mayor by the Dagestani who gave us a ride. Spotted a young man, and we asked for the mayor, but only to be told that he is is not in the village. Next, we were told to wait at the prominent statue of Ali Aliev for someone to pick us up. Perhaps misunderstood, nobody showed up. We approached a rare passerby. While he looked firm and strict, he approached another guy coming our way. This time we were lucky, he has a house just next to the statue, that we can stay for a night, and he refused to accept money in return. While accomodation was resolved, we had little food and there were no shops opened. Pasta was spotted in the kitchen cuppboard, and that was clearly the only solution. We left early the next morning for a walk through Chokh, mainly through the ruins attributed to anti-terrorist operations. There were hardly anyone in the village. Conflicting information for the Marshrudka trasnport, which was never to be seen. And off to the road again, trying our luck for transport to Gunib. Once again, it worked; another driver and another story from Dagestan.











RUINS from anti-terrorist operations


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