JEONJU : An Introduction to Korea

JEONJU is easily the first stop out from Seoul, famous for Hanok, meaning traditional houses. Without going into details, these Korean architecture has great similarities to the Chinese, roofs, gates, doors etc. However, Hanoks has special heating system that comes from the floor. It becomes apparent that young local tourist rents traditional clothing for photos within the Hanok setup.


The city itself is laidback once away from the tourist quarters, with an amazing market area around Pungnammun, the ancient city gate.



The imposing Jeonju Cathedral is hard to miss, and it will be the first of the many churches a traveller will encounter; Korea has the biggest missionaries in the world!Roman-Byzantine style built between 1908 and 1914 by Victor Louis Poisnel (1855-1925), in the territory and under the supervision of François-Xavier Baudounet (1859-1915), a French priest. Its named Jeondong Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus​