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Lands from the Mongol Empire II

Announcing Production II for Lands from the Mongol Empire, started in April 2017 and expect a 9-12 months continuous journey. The map above marks the projected journey with silver stars, and it illustrates my plan cover the gaps for eventual publication of the entire works. This continuation is accompanied by my new website |, and pending Facebook Page name change to “Multimedia Ethnography of Asia”, reflecting the general direction of my works.

I am grateful to Olympus Singapore for their continuous support, for which they provided equipment sponsorship for this round, and I will use the new E-M1 Mark II & m.Zuiko 12-100 F4.0 combination as the main camera, while the other E-M1 Mark II for Tele, Wide, and Prime lens work.Drone (DJI Mavic Pro) and Binaural audio (Roland CS-10EM), and Zoom F4 + capsules + Neumann TLM102 are also in the arsenal for multimedia production. Stay tune for posting.

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