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Inspired by the ethnographic documentation of Marco Polo, Ubn Batutta, and many others who had traversed Asia, I started the same pursuit using multimedia in 2005. My works culminate at Lands from the Mongol Empire, visual stories that connect the lands and people of Eurasia to 13th century Mongol Empire. With the aim of presenting the complex composition of Asia to wider audiences, aesthetically using multimedia, my path as a multimedia ethnographer is slowly formalizing; marrying the many aspects of my interest and skills.


Aspiring to inspire youths led me into education, spending almost a decade building the Diploma in Audio-Visual Technology (AVT) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, with a team of passionate lecturers. Students are our pride, and many continue to serve the audio-visual production and technology industry in Singapore. Featured here is my final batch of AVT students graduating in May 2017, with the team of dedicated lecturers.


It was the passion for music that led me into Music Engineering, accumulating 16 years of experiences designing audio and music production systems, in conjunction with practicing and teaching music production. This career path amassed design skills in system software, firmware, DSP & FPGA, audio production systems for studio/venue/live/mobile, AV consultancy and most recently Audio networking, which I designed an audio-visual production studio integrated solely using LAN-based networking.

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